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    来源:AOPEN        编辑:swallow    2020-04-22 16:28:08     加入收藏

    AOPEN凭借其最新的IOT边缘计算解决方案,卓越的技术知识和广泛的合作伙伴生态系统的产品来创造价值。 “ AOPEN计算主机和物联网设备产品组合融合了物理和数字用户体验,为企业品牌提供了智能技术解决方案,实现了商业和工业领域的数字化转型……

      大型企业往往由于其庞大的管理体系,过时的方法以及过时的客户界面模型常常在数字化转型过程中面临更大的障碍。例如,在零售领域,利用新兴的客户参与解决方案变得至关重要,企业品牌必须克服其基本挑战,才能将一系列数字化流程的创新工具部署和实施。AOPEN凭借其最新的IOT边缘计算解决方案,卓越的技术知识和广泛的合作伙伴生态系统的产品来创造价值。 “ AOPEN计算主机和物联网设备产品组合融合了物理和数字用户体验,为企业品牌提供了智能技术解决方案,实现了商业和工业领域的数字化转型,” AOPEN美国区Aaron Pompey谈到。AOPEN与合作伙伴生态系统(包括网络运营商,实施专家和软件开发人员)合作,帮助客户兑现提供创新和强大的客户体验的承诺。

      Larger organizations often face greater obstacles in their digital transformation journey, owing to deeply-rooted legacy systems, outdated methodologies, and archaic customer interface models. In the retail space, for instance, where capitalizing on emerging customer engagement solutions has become paramount, enterprise brands must overcome some of their fundamental challenges to deploying and implementing innovative tools that digitize a range of processes. Coming to the rescue with its portfolio of next-gen edge solutions, superior technology know-how, and extensive partner ecosystem is AOPEN. “The AOPEN portfolio of edge and IoT devices enable digital transformation across the commercial and industrial landscape by providing enterprise brands with intelligent technology solutions that blend physical and digital user experiences,” says Aaron Pompey, President of AOPEN Pan America. The company works with its partner ecosystem—comprising network operators, implementation experts, and software developers—to help its clients deliver on their promise of offering innovative and robust customer experience.

      AOPEN美国区包括三个核心产品部门:具有Google Chrome OS的商业产品部门,智能控制设备管理解决方案部门和工业PC产品部门。它的商业硬件解决方案包括专门定制的解决方案,例如Kiosk和交互式触摸屏,可用于零售和酒店业的广泛应用。AOPEN还提供用于医疗设施和生产车间的工业级PC,以最大程度地减少人力工作并提高工作效率。

      AOPEN Pan America includes three core business units—commercial products featuring Google Chrome OS, intelligent control device management solutions, and industrial PC models. Its portfolio of commercial hardware solutions includes specialized and customized solutions such as kiosks and interactive touchscreens for a wide range of applications across the retail and hospitality sectors. The company also offers industrial-grade PCs for use in medical facilities and production floors to minimize cumbersome manual labor and boost workflow efficiencies.

      如今,AOPEN降低了前线工人面临的普遍挑战,尤其是侧重于影响效率和客户满意度的因素。 AOPEN评估得出以下关键因素:遗留系统的责任,员工使用该解决方案所花费的时间以及过时的技术导致的延迟。

      Today, AOPEN mitigates the prevalent challenges faced by frontline workers, especially focused on factors that impact efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company assesses critical factors: the liability of legacy systems, the time spent by employees using the solution, and the latency caused by outdated technology.


      “With our expanding capabilities and partners, AOPEN is deploying more and more solutions for frontline workers, so that enterprise brands can offer seamless customer experiences.”


      AOPEN consults with system integration partners and technology consultants to develop for enterprise brands the right solutions to support frontline workers.


      The company’s ability to evolve in step with ever-changing customer behavior has spurred its dynamic growth, from selling computer peripherals in the mid-1990s to a world-class enterprise dedicated to developing and delivering smart edge solutions. Building upon two decades of business evolution, AOPEN offerings seamlessly integrate cloud, IoT, AI, and machine learning technologies.

      展望未来,Aaron Pompey指出,零售和酒店等关键市场处于有利位置,可以为客户提供结合在线和实体解决方案的全渠道体验。 AOPEN正在利用其在这些垂直市场上的知识以及在开发硬件解决方案方面的专业知识,来提供可改善日?;疃募际踅饩龇桨?,例如快餐店和特色零售;还正在将那些工业和医疗领域的效率和安全性提高到新的水平。 “通过我们不断扩展的能力和合作伙伴的帮助,AOPEN正在为一线员工部署越来越多的解决方案,” Pompey谈道,“以便企业品牌可以提供满意的客户体验。”凭借其雄心勃勃的规划,AOPEN正在引导那些大型组织实现卓越的运营和业务,并应对日新月异的数字化转型。

      Looking ahead, Pompey notes that key markets like retail and hospitality are well-positioned to offer customers an omnichannel experience that combines online and physical solutions. AOPEN is leveraging its knowledge of these vertical markets, as well as its expertise developing hardware solutions, to deliver technology solutions that improve everyday engagements like quick-service restaurants and specialty retail; it is also driving new levels of efficiency and safety in those industrial and medical spaces. “With our expanding capabilities and partners, AOPEN is deploying more and more solutions for frontline workers,” says Pompey, “so that enterprise brands can offer seamless customer experiences.” With its ambitious roadmap, AOPEN is guiding those large organizations to operational and business excellence, navigating an ever-changing and rapid digital transformation.